Auger Solutions

Auger Solutions

Our goal at Augers UK, through our parent company Trantec Solids Handling Limited, is to offer the most suitable auger design for your application.

Our augers are used in Flavouring SystemsFilling Machines, Pharmaceutical Dosing, Farming and Animal Feed applications, drilling, and many more processes around the globe. The industries that we serve are:

  • Food, Drinks, & Confectionery
  • Seasoning & Flavouring
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Animal & Pet Food
  • Environmental (flue-gas desulfurization and water treatment)
  • Plastics
  • Chemical
  • Nonwoven

Trantec works and complies with all EC and FDA food contact regulations and can offer advice on the most suitable material and finish for your application.

Trantec holds considerable experience in the food process industry, working with some of the world’s largest snack food manufacturers and machine suppliers/OEMs