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Our goal at Augers UK, through our parent company Trantec solids handling, is to offer the most suitable auger design tailored to your application needs. For over two decades, we have been repairing, designing and supplying auger screws and spirals augers (also known as flex augers) to users of auger-based types of machinery, such as pharmaceutical dosing equipment, semi-automatic and fully automatic auger filling machines, metering screw feeders (Gravimetric, Volumetric and Micro), powder samplers, flexible spiral and screw conveyors and drilling equipment.

The variations of augers we design are never-ending, from one-offs to a series in different diameters, with variable pitches and flight configurations. With our auger screws being manufactured to your application specifications, our engineers and design team will work closely with you to ensure meet your exact requirements and provide 100% functionality. Auger screws produced by Augers UK are constructed from materials that meet all EC and FDA food contact regulations and, depending on the application requirements, are available in several finishes, including crevice-free with a (0.2Ra) mirror polish. 

Our engineers hold a considerable amount of experience within the food and pet food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic, and environmental, including water treatment and flue gas treatment (FGT) and non-woven industries. Their extensive knowledge surrounding augers has allowed us to produce solutions for fine, fibrous and free-flowing materials, delicate and sanitary material handling, materials with abrasive, corrosive, sticky and cohesive characteristics and much more.

Our continuous dedication to research, analysis and development, alongside investments in state-of-the-art CNC (Computerised Numerical Control) technology, has enabled us to revolutionise the auger design and supply market, manufacturing augers to a superior standard that boasts matchless accuracy and reliability and provide a longer-life service. Consequential to these benefits, Augers UK has become a worldwide leader in supplying auger screws and providing dosing, drilling, metering, feeding, sampling, and filling machine solutions. With clients ranging from small to medium enterprises to some of the world’s largest snack food manufacturers and machine suppliers/OEMs.

If you require any further information, have any queries or would like a free quotation, email with your auger specifications or call (0)1282 777566 to speak to an engineer.


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