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Flexible Conveyor Augers

Replacement Conveyor spiral augers & UHMWPE Tube

What is a flexible screw conveyor, and how does it work?

Flexible Screw Conveyors, also known as Flexible Auger Conveyors, Flexible Spiral Conveyors and helical conveyors, are ideal for conveying powders, flakes, grain and granular dry bulk solids from sack tip stations and storage hoppers, bins and silos. Flexible conveyors are very popular within the bulk handling industry, especially sought after for food, pharmaceutical, chemical and plastic applications. They are relatively low maintenance, easy to clean, suitable for both free-flowing and non-free-flowing materials and highly versatile in design. For example, they can be designed with multiple discharge points, convey material in any direction, such as vertically, horizontally, and at an angle, and can be routed around fixed obstacles and from one room to another. The configurations are endless.

Flexible conveyors consist of a helical spiral inside a plastic tube, usually UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethene) or PEEK (Polyetheretherketone), alongside a motor or motor gearbox combination. The steel spiral rotates within the conveyor tube, creating a directional force which moves the material from the infeed end to the discharge outlet. The throughput rate can vary from a few kilos to many tonnes per hour and is determined by several factors, such as the conveyor’s angle of incline, the dimensions of the conveyor tube and the spirals size, rotational speed and profile type. For example, larger spirals and tubes, in conjunction with higher RPMs produce a larger throughput. Opposed to a smaller spiral and tube combination, together with lower gearbox RPMs, will decrease the throughput range.

Flexible screw conveyor replacement spiral and UHMWPE tubing

If you are looking for flexible screw conveyor spare parts, you’re in the right place. At Augers UK, we offer premium quality spiral augers (also known as flex augers), manufactured in either carbon steel or stainless steel, and heavy-duty UHMWPE (Ultra high molecular weight polyethene) conveyor tubing. UHMWPE is the go-to choice for many food processing and bulk handling businesses due to its easy-clean, waterproof, exceptionally high-abrasion, and impact-resistant qualities.

At Augers UK, we understand the importance of versatility; therefore, we supply conveyor tubes and spirals in various lengths and diameters, with bespoke sizes available upon request. In addition, our conveyor spirals are also available in numerous profile shapes to suit a wide range of applications. The spiral profile is crucial in how the product is transported and is determined by the material being handled. We manufacture spirals in five profile types, round, flat, centre shaft, bevelled and square. Most materials will convey using a simple round-section spiral; however, some materials require an alternative shape.

Spiral profiles:

  • Round-section spiral – Renowned for its flexibility and strength, a round-section conveyor spiral is manufactured from a solid coiled round bar and is suited to heavy and highly abrasive materials. At Augers UK, we supply round wire in five sizes at almost any length, with delivery available the next day.
  • Flat-section – Reduces outwards force against the conveyor tube and produces a more positive forward directional force on the conveyed material. This spiral type is recommended for transporting powders or other light materials and is manufactured from either square or rectangular wire. Delivery dates vary depending on availability as flat-section spiral is a sales-to-order product.
  • Square and bevelled edge spiral – These two types of spiral are better suited for difficult-to-handle and fragile materials and shouldn’t be operated over 600 RPM to minimise product degradation or damage. Square and bevelled spiral are sales-to-order, with delivery dates varying depending on availability.
  • Centrecore (centre shaft) spiral – A plastic tube is extended down the centre of the spiral to reduce the space and amount of material entering the conveyor. This type of screw profile drastically reduces the stress imposed on the screw and is suited to materials that tend to fluidise, are highly aerated and are very dense. 

Cost saving solutions

For over twenty years, Augers UK has worked hard to dispel the myth that only the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) can supply spares for their equipment. We offer direct replacement tubes and spiral for other makes of flexible screw conveyors with a 100% guarantee and at sensible prices. Consequently, our client list has dramatically expanded, supplying spares to medium and large enterprises, with household brands and ‘blue chip’ companies amongst them.

At Augers UK, our conveyor spiral and tubing is designed with the OEM in mind, ensuring full compatibility with all Flexible Spiral Conveyors, with many sizes ready for immediate despatch. If you have any queries or would like more information, call (0)1282 777566 to speak to an engineer who can advise you on the most suitable replacement components and possible improvements to maximise your process.

Flexible Conveyor Spiral Auger – Key Features

  • Gentle handling of materials
  • Dust-free
  • Low-cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Total product containment
  • Constant remixing/conditioning of powders
  • One moving part (except for non-free-flowing materials that require agitation)
  • Carbon or stainless steel
  • Stationary and mobile flexible screw conveyors are available
  • Approved construction available for ATEX, pharmaceutical, and food-grade materials

UHMWPE Tube – Key Features:

  • Excellent low-friction properties
  • Super smooth finish inside and out
  • High impact strength
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Sound absorption/dampening
  • High-stress rates and energy absorption levels/capacity
  • Temperature resistance from -200 degrees to +80 degrees
  • Physiologically safe/non-toxic.
  • EC, FDA, USDA, and 3-A Dairy-approved materials of extrusion
  • Self-lubricating/excellent free-flow and sliding properties
  • High wear resistance
  • Anti-adhesive/non-stick


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