Leading the Way In Auger Design

With 20 years of experience in auger design and manufacturing, Augers UK specialises in supplying tsers of auger-based machinery such as Metering Screw FeedersFilling Machines, Batching Systems, and Powder Samplers, including Flexible Screw Conveyors and spiral augers (also known as flex augers). Our clients include organisations all over the globe, from snacks multinationals to pharmaceutical laboratories.

Augers UK works closely with all our customers to design and develop the most suitable application, meeting all user requirements and delivering an auger based solely around your material flow properties. We keep the OEM factor in mind and lead the charge on high quality, fast delivery, and most importantly, within budget!


Over the last twenty years, we have seen many changes to the marketplace, including the design, manufacture, and use of augersWe since expanded into new and sophisticated industries, which are detailed below:

Trantec, our parent company, have invested time and money into employing experienced engineers and designers. The latest CAD/CNC technologies ensure that we stay competitive, whilst maintaining modern, high-quality standards.