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What is a metering screw feeder?

Metering screw feeders deploy an auger screw of various configurations to dose dry bulk materials such as powders, grains and granules in either an intermitted or constant flow, depending on the application specification. Screw feeders are very popular within the bulk solids industry and are utilised particularly within the food, pharmaceutical, plastics, chemical, and environmental (water treatment and flu gas treatment) industries. At Augers UK, we design and supply bespoke and replica spare and replacement augers screws for all types of screw feeders and aim to bring our expertise and high-tech manufacturing methods to the solids handling market. Our augers are designed on the latest 3D CAD software and are manufactured by our highly skilled engineers who use advanced CNC machines and specialist work-holding techniques to produce a superior product with accuracies within fractions of a millimetre.

Metering screw feeders are available in many forms including gravimetric, volumetric and micro (ultra-compact screw feeder). Gravimetric screw feeders are sought for applications requiring extremely high accuracies and are particularly suitable for materials that fluctuate in density. They deliver the material at a weight-based rate and use an advanced load cell and controller combination to adjust the dosing speed if necessary to ensure the correct amount is dispensed. Volumetric feeders, on the other hand, distribute dry bulk materials based on volume and do not implement weighing cells. Nevertheless, they are still highly accurate and provide a cost-effective solution. Then available in both gravimetric and volumetric versions, depending on the application requirements, is the micro feeder, which can dose at ultra-low rates, down to a few grams per hour. They implement an auger screw as small as four millimetres in diameter, are laboratory ready out of the box and have a hygienic and easy-clean design.

We Guarantee Quality

Trantec solids handling, our parent company, specialises in the design and manufacturing of material handling systems, including metering screw feeders. Our engineers’ combined knowledge and experience surrounding auger screws and metering feeders give us an edge over our competitors, allowing us to produce fully interchangeable metering augers with the utmost quality. We manufacture auger screws in various configurations, from single-flighted to multi-start augers, standard pitch to stepped and variable pitch; the variations are limitless. The materials of construction also range from mild steel, a variety of stainless steel, including 304, 316 and 316L, to engineering plastics such as Peek, UHMWPE and Delrin, allowing us to provide solutions for endless types of applications.   

Many of our clients approach us for an alternative quote after having initially made contact with their OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Regrettably, the majority of OEMs will charge a substantial premium for any screw feeder spare and replacement augers. However, at Augers UK, our engineers execute special work-holding techniques that are neither labour-intensive nor time-consuming, allowing us to sell our auger screws at a reasonable price. 

At Augers UK, we want to ensure our customers have complete confidence and peace of mind in purchasing our augers. We, therefore, offer a “Try-before-you-buy” service for larger orders and have a team of dedicated engineers who are on hand to assist you with any queries. If you would like more information about any of our augers or other products, please email or call (0)1282 777566 for assistance.


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