Pharmaceutical Augers

Pharmaceutical Augers

Pharmaceutical Augers are produced with careful precision and accuracy on our CNC machinery, then hand polished to give a bright, mirror finish.

Trantec’s machining process is efficient and therefore cost effective and can be applied to most pharma grade augers.

Trantec can also manufacture fabricated augers where machining is not practical. Welded and formed fabricated augers require more time to produce and can suffer problems such as:

  • Accuracy of the flights is dependent on the ‘eye’ of the fabricator/welder.
  • Variations in flight, pitch and diameter affect the performance of the auger.
  • Uneven flow patterns are produced which can affect accuracy.
  • Sensitisation and Corrosion of the material.
  • Heat deformation
  • Time consuming hand polishing and finishing.

Trantec’s Solution to these problems

  • Trantec machined or partially machined augers do not suffer from problems in accuracy. Our process can produce augers to very tight tolerances measured in fractions of a millimetre.
  • Augers are produced from one solid bar stock of typically 316/316L (1.4401/1.4404) stainless steel.
  • Using finer cutting tools towards the end of the machining process gives a bright surface finish which significantly reduces final polishing time.

Top Quality Finishes

Mechanical polishing is often time-consuming and involves removing metal progressively using a series of finer abrasives. The poorer the starting surface finish, the longer and more laborious the process. Fabricated augers can take many hours to hone into a fine “mirror” finish due to the poor starting condition.

The final polishing of an auger produced by our maching system takes a fraction of the time to polish compared to traditional fabrication.