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Easy to clean, sanitary-freidnly seasoning augers

For over two decades, Augers UK has been supplying some of the world’s largest snack foods manufacturers and materials handling equipment suppliers with premium quality auger screws for metering screw feeders and other similar types of powder metering equipment for seasoning food. Our expertise and unique manufacturing methods, which include ‘aerospace’ manufacturing techniques, have allowed us to become well-established as the UK’s leading supplier of bespoke and replacement specialist auger screws. Trantec Solids Handling, our parent company, is also renowned for manufacturing screw feeders, flexible conveyors and other handling equipment specially designed for the food industry, giving us the upper edge in producing auger screws and spirals specifically aimed at flavouring applications. 

Snack foods can often present a range of seasoning challenges; flavourings used in the production of popcorn, pretzels, crisps, and peanuts, for example, can vary in their flow and feed characteristics. However, rest assured; you are in capable hands. Our highly-skilled engineers have a wealth of knowledge surrounding the food industry and augers. As a result, we can offer advice and solutions to tackle performance issues that might be occurring with your existing equipment and allow us to provide you with an auger screw that is better suited to your application. We manufacture augers screws in endless configurations to suit all industries and material types, from single-flighted to multi-start augers, variable pitch to stepped pitch, and tapered cone to mass flow augers. 

Engineered specifically for the food industry

At Augers UK, we also understand the complexities of quick flavour changes and the need to prevent cross-contamination for allergen and quality purposes. Not only can our engineers redesign your auger screws to improve their cleanability, but they can also produce sanitary-friendly premium augers with no crevices in conjunction with a highly polished finish. In addition, we can also manufacture the delivery tube and the fabricated front plate for your existing flavouring machine or completely upgrade your feeder. 

For peace of mind and to ensure our auger screws meet your requirements, our comprehensive product testing and trial services are available to all clients to confirm the suitability of the auger screw with your product. Customers are more than welcome to visit our testing facility to witness the trials, or alternatively, we can email a video and a copy of the report to you. Furthermore, our engineers will work with you throughout the design process to ensure our augers are 100% made to specification and compatible with your equipment. 

At Augers UK, we work closely with all EC and FDA food contact regulations to ensure our auger screws hold the utmost standards. We also operate GMP (good manufacturing practice) and can provide full traceability of all materials we use to produce your auger screw, confirming all food contact legislation are met. If you require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your requirements on (0)1282 777566 or email; we look forward to hearing from you. 


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